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Posted: July 21, 2012 in NEWS

MAVERICK Media & PR has helped launch the new southern version of a popular martial arts and combat newspaper.

Martial News South was launched mid-July and instantly proved a hit with readers.

The product is unique in the Martial Arts world as its a newspaper not a magazine and is written in a different style from monthly periodicals.

It is the sister newspaper of Martial News North and shares features and blogs with the northern version but concentrates news-wise on the South East, South West, Anglia, Midlands and Wales.

To go to Martial News North:

To visit Martial News South:



Posted: July 20, 2012 in welcome

Maverick Media & Public Relations is a creative consultancy that provides headline-grabbing stories for events, campaigns and new products for the multi-media world.

We deliver results by working closely with our clients to meet their needs and objectives.

Our staff includes journalists and IT experts with more than 20 years experience in both print and multi-media.

Our experience means we can deliver the strategies and objectives of our clients whether it is a new product launch, a new business or managing a public relations crisis.

Not only can we manage your media needs Maverick Media has long experience in managing, running and organising events.

These range from running celebrity book signings to large public events.

Our range of services include marketing, press releases, sponsorship sourcing, website copy, security services, entertainment, photo-shoots, photographers, live streaming TV and videoing.